The owner:

Tracey Klitzke

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I live by and educate with an emphasis on health and natural alternative medicine. I believe in treating the body naturally,  educating and empowering individuals to make lifelong, healthy choices and changes. My desire is to help each person reach their health potential.

I am a mother of two.  Hockey mom!  They inspire me to educate and help the younger generation on a path to health and wellness for their best quality of life.  We are an active family enjoying kayaking, biking, or just some quality gym time.  I gained my love of educating people on health and supplements from my boyfriend Chris.  He has two supplement stores in the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois areas. (Fitness Nutrition Center)  He has been in the industry over 15 years and has passed on to me vast knowledge about quality products.  I am very driven and excited to be a new part of the community and start the "Think Healthy be Healthy" initiative!!  

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant

  • Certified Youth Nutritionist

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist